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About Me

My path in Art

Early life

Annabel resides in Adelaide, widely recognised as the cultural heart of Australia and one of the world’s great festival cities. As a Great-grand-daughter of Sir Hans Heysen (German-born Australian landscape artist), Annabel found her love for fine art at a young age. Inspired by the history and ambience of her surrounds, drawing and painting emerged as a natural progression.

She was awarded a 12 month American Field Scholarship in Nara, Japan in 1989. Instructed through tradition and ceremony, she embraced the 2000 year-old art of Japanese brush painting and calligraphy.

Annabel returned to Australia in 1990, where she commenced an Arts Degree at Flinders University with a focus on Visual Arts, English Literature and Japanese Language.

Art Life

It could be said however, that the most artistic influence of her work comes from a 7 year residency in the south of Italy. It was here that she began her journey with oil paints. The Italian passion for all things culinary opened up a new world for her, as she found herself immersed in and inspired by food. The abundance of beautiful rich scarlet tones of the pomegranate and the wonderfully imperfect form of the pear were muses for her still life paintings.

Her recent studies of inflorescence in full bloom have gained much consideration.

Annabel’s artworks include pastel, oil paint and cold wax mediums.

Upcoming Exhibitions